About Me

My name is Imran Hussain and I have spend most of my corporate life working in small businesses as an accountant managing very tight cashflows.

I graduated from the University of Westminster and walked straight into a job at a major investment bank. I did not really like it much and I traded it for a role in a SME in 2001. Ever since then, through a lot of not minding my own business and being curious, I have become an expert in all things small businesses. In 2015 I started to consult with small businesses as a fractional CFO. In that time I have advised many boards of businesses on a wide range of issues affecting their businesses.

I have worked for distressed businesses who are struggling with cashflows. I have come across it all, from angry suppliers, customers who don’t pay on time, disgruntled employees, a CEO who is totally burnt out and at the end of his tether, and much more.

I have also worked for stable cash positive businesses, where the business is ticking along and has done so for many years.

I have, lastly worked in high growth businesses and experienced all the growing pains that come with that.

I have advised boards on governance, growth strategy, debt management, distressed asset management, acquisitions, exits, personal guarantee elimination, and much much more.